Visiting Your Eye Doctor for a Regular Eye Exam

An eye doctor is someone who gives a service directly related to the eyes, especially vision. It’s any health care worker involved with eye health, from a physician with just a little bit of post-graduate training to trained practitioners with a doctorate degree of more than five years. For some this job is easy to find: you simply have to go to school for a few years and come out with an advanced degree. For others it’s a bit more complicated. Even those working in the field that seems easiest to find can be disheartened when they discover just how much effort goes into the care of the eye. The eye doctor is called upon to make diagnosis, prescribe treatment, manage patients, refer them to specialists, and, in many cases, continue to come in on a regular basis to provide care for new patients and to administer follow-up care. Click for more details about an eye doctor.

To become an eye doctor, a person must first have taken both the MACD and ICDD (International Cosmetic Diseases Dermatology) exams. These are nationally recognized tests that measure a person’s vision, and their medical history of diseases that affect vision, including glaucoma and macular degeneration. The results of the MACD and ICDD exams are mailed in about three months and can be mailed in electronically. Once you’ve passed both exams, you can work towards your doctorate degree and the doctorate level, which require at least a year of supervised clinical experience.

Being an eye doctor means that you are also a vision care specialist. The typical duties of a good eye doctor include annual eye exams, preventive eye examinations, and referrals to optometrists and ophthalmologists. Often they are also responsible for treating cases of eye disease when the primary physician isn’t able to do so. These cases range anywhere from routine cleaning and eyelid surgery to reconstruction, lasik eye surgery, and the treatment of eye disease. Some patients who experience vision problems requiring glasses or contact lenses may also be referred to an eye doctor for additional testing and treatment.

Many people do not wear glasses or contact lenses, and some people who wear glasses and contact lenses don’t even bother to apply their contacts regularly. However, contact lenses need to be cleaned regularly. A contact lens cleaning schedule should include at least two separate cleanings per week. Contacts should be checked twice a year for protein deposits, and once during each month for dryness. Eye drops, lubricants, and disinfectants should also be used on a regular basis. These steps will ensure that your contact lenses and eyeglasses are working properly, reducing your risk for vision problems and eye infections. Click here to get in touch with top rated an eye doctor.

People who wear contact lenses or eyeglass lenses, or who know people who do, should consider learning how to replace their contact lenses themselves. This is particularly important if they have experienced a recent eye injury. It is also helpful for older people who may have issues with their vision or who may find it difficult to read or otherwise use eyeglass lenses. The ability to replace contact lenses on your own is a great idea if you frequently wear contact lenses and eyeglass lenses and if you don’t require the extra help provided by your eye doctor.

Although many people take care of their eyes on their own, it’s always a good idea to visit your eye doctor for an annual exam to make sure your eyes are healthy and to address any eye issues you might be experiencing. If you have several different types of eye exams during the year, you can usually schedule them so that your eye doctor can check all of your eyes at one time. He will also be able to give you advice on how to maintain the health of your eyes so that you will never need to take more than a pair of glasses or contact lenses again. You can get more enlightened on this topic by reading here:

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